Laserlyte Releases .380 ACP Training Cartridge

Laserlyte has released a new caliber of their Laser Trainer Cartridge, the revolutionary training is now available in the popular .380 ACP caliber.

Each of Laserlyte’s Laser Training Cartridges easily installs into the firing chamber, the cartridges feature a firing-pin activated switch that indicates bullet impact with a bright red laser dot. Each time the switch is activated the laser is turned on for 100 milliseconds. For the cost of just a couple visits to a local firing range, firearms enthusiasts can enjoy free training with positive feedback from the Laserlyte’s Trainer Cartridges. The cartridges are also not expelled when the slide is racked, allowing for an easy way to train for malfunction clearances using tap, rack, bang or any other chosen technique. Each cartridge require three 377 batteries which are good for approximately 3,000 shots.

MSRP on the new .380 training cartridge is $99.95.

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