Tennessee Woman Who Carried Gun Into New York City Avoids Jail Time

On Monday Meredith Graves plead guilty and was spared jail time after being arrested for inadvertently carrying her firearm into New York City.

As Guns.com has reported at least three visitors have been caught accidentally carrying firearms into New York City this year. While this Tennessee woman was lucky enough to get by without jail time, former Marine tail gunner Ryan Jerome faces a mandatory minimum sentence of three and a half years and anywhere up to 15 years for his felony weapon possession charge, an Occupy Wall Street protester was also arrested earlier this year for carrying his Colt .45 into a New York courthouse.

Graves was arrested on Dec. 22 after trying to check her pistol with security officials on a visit to the 9/11 memorial. Her lawyer states that carrying the gun into New York was “inadvertent” and that what she did is not a crime in Tennessee. New York’s gun laws make it illegal for almost all out-of-state visitors to bring their firearm into the city unless the gun is also licensed in New York.

Photo: Meredith Graves / nydailynews.com

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