Illinois County Passes Ordinance to Allow Constitutional Carry

Voters in Pike County, IL have passed a county ordinance approving constitutional carry for firearms. The new ordinance directly contradicts current state law in Illinois which doesn’t allow firearms to be carried.

This is the first time since 1862 that county voters in a U.S. state have explicitly countered a state law, the previous example being when five western counties in Virginia nullified the state’s secession from the Union and then seceded from Virginia to create West Virginia. It is widely expected that other rural and downstate counties in Illinois will follow the example set by Pike County, since in 2007 when the Pike County Board enacted a resolution stating that further restrictions of firearms by the state would be deemed by the County “to be Unconstitutional and beyond lawful Legislative Authority” 89 percent of Illinois counties followed suit.

While county and local law enforcement officers are obligated to enforce county ordinances, state law enforcement officers are obligated to enforce state law. Many legal observers expect a complex court battle, especially since the new ordinance was enacted by voters not a county or local legislative entity.

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