Kansas and Ohio Sign Reciprocity Agreement

The states of Ohio and Kansas have signed a reciprocity agreement that would allow citizens who have concealed carry permits in either state to carry their firearms in both.

Concealed carry permit holders will be required to comply with the other state’s laws regarding possession, transportation, storage and use of concealed weapons but issuance, suspension, revocation and renewal of concealed weapons licenses will remain within the power of the issuing state. The states will be making their verification systems available to one another so that they may check the status of a carrier’s permit when they are in the non-issuing state.

The Kansas permit is now recognized by 29 states including Nevada, New Mexico, South Caroline, Texas and Utah. The Ohio permit is recognized by 23 states including Delaware, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Washington and Virginia.

For updates stay tuned to Guns.com. The original article on Kansas and Ohio’s reciprocity agreement can be found at mydailysentinel.com. To find out what states your carry permit is recognized in check your state’s local laws, or for quick view find the reciprocity maps at usacarry.com. For all breaking gun news stay tuned to Guns.com’s news feeds.

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