Kimber Announces Strong Opposition to New York's Proposed Microstamping Legislation

Kimber Manufacturing, Inc., one of the largest firearms manufacturers in America, has expressed strong opposition to the proposed microstamping legislation in New York City.

As reported on, Assembly Bill 1157b was reintroduced earlier this year following its failure in the Senate in 2011. The legislation would require semiautomatic pistols manufactured in New York to be capable of microstamping ammunition, a technical process using laser technology to engrave microscopic gun information on the tip of the gun’s firing pin.

The law would increase manufacturing costs for Kimber, who has contacted the Governor’s office, the Mayor of Yonkers and a number of elected representatives to announce their opposition to the legislation. The increase in costs to Kimber would force the company to reconsider its current expansion which will add approximately 150 professional and skilled job. Th legislation would also likely compromise the company’s ability to maintain all of its full-benefit manufacturing job, decreasing tax revenues for the city of Yonkers and the state of New York. Kimber also cited a lack of definitive findings supporting the theory that the microstamping technology reduces criminal misuse of firearms.

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