Vortex Cannons Knock Down Objects with Rings of Air

The concept of the vortex cannon is nothing new, but for some reason videos of the gas-powered contraptions, engineered by those with a basic to advanced understanding of physics and combustibles, never seem to get old.

Vortex cannons can range in complexity, from those that are built in a physics classroom with a box or in some guy’s garage with a garbage tub to the ones that house ” one of the most dangerous gas mixes in the world” the strange cannons still create the same startling effect. A ring of air can knockdown a stack of styrofoam cups, or for the more ambitious cannons an entire brick wall.

The most recent appearance of the vortex cannon comes from a Student Science video, where a group of students have managed to make a smoke-ring-hurling device out of a simple box. At first, we thought this was pretty cool.

Then, upon further research, we found an old clip from the 2009 season of BBC’s “Bang! Goes the Theory” that shows the world’s largest vortex cannon, filmed at 1300 frames per second, testing the big bad wolf’s ability to blow down the three little pigs houses’ with a giant gas ring.

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