Online Shooting Retailer Midway USA Launches New Firearm Video Library

Online retailer MidwayUSA has announced the launch of a brand new video library which has all videos available in full screen HD and allows viewers to sort videos by name, most recent, most viewed and top rated.

The library includes interviews with MidwayUSA Founder and CEO Larry Potterfield as well as information on gun history, firearm safety, different cartridges, reloading and a Firearm Hall of Fame. The library, established in MidwayUSA’s ongoing effort “to be the best-run business in America”, has a lot of good information on a wide variety of topics so that any shooter could find something of interest.

“Customer Satisfaction has always been our #1 company goal at MidwayUSA,” said Potterfield. “One of our Customers’ Key Requirements is having a fast and feature-rich website, something this new video library helps us offer. We constantly listen to our customers and measure their satisfaction, something not a lot of companies in our industry do, so I’m happy to make improvements that directly benefit our Customers.”

The website also has gun schematics, how-to guides and application charts available for reference.

For updates stay tuned to For more information find the press release from MidwayUSA or check out the website’s video library. For all breaking gun news stay tuned to’s news feeds.

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