Video Game Trailer Released for AMC's The Walking Dead Series

Season 2 of AMC’s popular series “The Walking Dead” came to a close on Sunday, but fans of the series, as well as the original comic books, are not going to have to wait until the Season 3 premier in fall to get their zombie fix. Last week the company released a trailer of a video game that is to be released in April 2012, but is available now for pre-order for $22.49.

The game is based on the original comic books, rather than the TV series, but there are several character that appear in all three, including Rick, Glenn and Hershel. In a ‘Making Of’ video, Telltale Games designer Sean Vanaman explains “It takes place with a new set of characters, right around the Greater Atlantic area, experiencing this apocalypse from a different perspective.”

The game will be available for Mac, PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 with “information on additional formats to follow.”

For updates stay tuned to For more information on the game, or to pre-order a copy, find “The Walking Dead” page on Telltale Games website. For all break gun news stay tuned to’s news feeds.

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