Conceal Carry Permit Holder Stops Shooter at Church

A concealed carry permit holder in Boiling Springs, SC was able to detain a shooter at his local church this Sunday until Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene.

Jesse Gates, an attendee at Boiling Springs’ South Side Freewill Baptist Church was acting like he was having a heart attack on Sunday morning, according to Rev. Henry Guyton. Gates was cleared by EMS and left the premises, only to return later that morning and pull at shotgun out of the trunk of his car. Rev. Guyton’s grandson, Aaron Guyton, saw Gates pull the shotgun out and immediately went into the main building of the church and locked the doors. Gates kicked in the side door. Aaron Guyton, a concealed weapons permit holder, held Gates at gunpoint while church member Jesse Smith and Leland Powers held him to the floor waiting for deputies to arrive.

Gates has been charged with second-degree burglary, disturbing a place of worship, kidnapping and three counts of pointing and presenting a firearm. The arrest warrants state that Gates pointed the shotgun at Smith, Rev. Henry Guyton and Powers and that the man intended to kidnap the pastor.

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Photo: Investigator from Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office walks suspect Jesse Gates to a waiting car (Alex C. Hicks JR.)

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