U.S. Concealed Carry Association Hosting FREE Online CCW Training Event

The folks over at the U.S. Concealed Carry Association are hosting a free online concealed carry training event, entitled ‘Protect Your Family With A Gun.’

The 90-minute webinar will discuss what “you must do before, during and after a violent encounter to keep your loved ones safe and secure.”

According to Tim Schmidt, the President and CEO of U.S.C.C.A., the event will “exponentially multiply your family’s safety and your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.”

concealed-carry-webinarThe webinar covers the following topics:

•    Insider tricks to discover which concealed carry holster and style are the best for you…

•    4 Surprisingly-Easy “Gun Rules” To Keep You Safe and Handle a Gun Like A Pro

•    The little-known way to improve your accuracy by up to 300% in as little as 60 minutes..

•    13 simple steps to condition your mind and body to react AUTOMATICALLY to a violent attack.

•    How to train for a violent encounter without spending a dime (do this and you’ll be better prepared than 90% of the people that go to live training events)…

•    What you MUST do after the shooting stops to survive and stay out of prison…

While I haven’t yet attended this event, I’m a believer that one can never have too much training with respect to firearms and concealed carry.

Unfortunately, I reside in Los Angeles County, where in theory it is ‘shall-issue’ but in practice it is ‘no-issue’ (to read more about LA’s draconian CCW policy.  So, I don’t carry concealed.

Nevertheless, this seminar is appealing to me for two reasons (a) in addition to learning about self-defense, I’m curious to learn how I can improve my accuracy by up to 300% in 60 minutes.  I’m a horrible shot (it’s a long story, and perhaps an issue of ocular dominance: I’m right handed, but my left eye is dominant) and (b) it’s “100% free.”  I’m always skeptical of “free” things because nothing is ever really free, but this appears to actually be free (of course, you will have to forfeit your email address and some additional information).
For more details on the U.S.C.C.A or the concealed carry training webinar, check out their website: usconcealedcarry.com.

Have any of you attended this webinar?  Do any of you plan on attending one of the webinars this week?

If you have attended the webinar, please provide some feedback about the experience.

(If I can, I’m going to register for Friday’s event).

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