Arizona Senate Passes Bill Allowing Suppressor Use While Hunting

The Arizona Senate has passed House Bill 2728, an important pro-hunting bill, by a 20 to 9 vote, on February 28 the bill passed the state House by a 42 to 14 vote. The law would allow hunters in Arizona to use suppressor on firearms while hunting.

The bill was introduced by state Representative David Gowan (R-30) and would allow Arizona to join more than half of the states across the country in allowing hunters to legally use suppressors while hunting. Three other states, Georgia, Oklahoma and Texas, are also currently considering similar legislation or are in the process of changing their hunting regulations to allow suppressor use.

Suppressors are popular options for hunters due to the noise complaints being used to close down hunting lands, shooting ranges and informal shooting areas. Increased suppressor use will eliminate many of these noise complaints and protect shooting and hunting areas well into the future.

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