DeKalb Officials Warn That Airguns are Illegal Within City Limits

Officials in DeKalb, IL have stated that the use of air guns or BB guns is not allowed in city limits after over 10 reports involving the toys have been processed in the past three month, including a string of shattered car windows.

Damage from air guns or BB guns tend to result in a string of calls, since the damage tends to occur to several items at a time, such as windows. DeKalb Police Lt. Gary Spangler said he believes the mild weather may be a result of the air-gun related reports.

While state statutes prevent anyone under the age of 13 from purchasing air rifles or carrying them on public streets it’s also illegal to shoot BB or air guns within city limits. State statutes define the term “air rifle” to include any air gun, air pistol, spring gun, spring pistol, BB gun, paintball gun or pellet gun.

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