Beware Attacks on Stand Your Ground Laws as Trayvon Martin Case Heats Up

The news wires have been abuzz lately with the shooting in Florida of Trayvon Martin. I am not going to wade in and say it was a legitimate shooting or not, because the facts are not all in yet and I don’t have a crystal ball hidden in my sock drawer. What I do know is that every anti-gun group and politician is going to use this incident to go after the Stand Your Ground laws now in effect in many states across the country and more are going to use Trayvon Martin’s name to keep those laws off the books.

The Brady Campaign for Gun Violence wasted no time in using Trayvon Martin’s death to further their own agenda. Dennis Henigan wrote in his blog that “The killing of Trayvon Martin is exactly the kind of unspeakable tragic act of mayhem that arises from the right to be armed in public places.” and that “The result is that trigger-happy individuals like George Zimmerman have been emboldened to impose their own death sentences on persons they believe are acting suspicious.”

Yet the Brady Campaign and many in office just don’t care that people are tired of being victims. They don’t care that as many big cities find themselves cash strapped they have begun getting rid of services including police officers. We never hear them talk about the victims who have fallen to repeat offenders who might have been saved if they had the means to defend themselves. Instead how many have died because the police didn’t arrive in time? How many have died because they have been told over and over again to just “give up the money” or “it will be over quick” and instead they lost their life because people have been programmed into dialing 911 instead of fighting back?

Well that is where those Stand Your Ground laws came from. People should not have to retreat, they should not have to run and hide and hope theFlorida teen Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman. Now Stand Your Ground laws are coming under attack. bad guy will leave them alone. They should not have to live in fear of being raped, beaten, robbed or murdered because they have been told to call the police and let the crime happen.

We need to let our elected officials know that we not only want the Stand Your Ground laws to stay in place, but we want them in every state. We should be demanding the answer from all of the Presidential candidates if they would support a national Stand Your Ground law. We should not just be getting the usual lip service that the Trayvon Martin shooting should be investigated. We should be hearing that gun owners and anyone out there should have the right to defend themselves no matter where they are, that there should not be any “You can carry here” or “You can’t carry there” zones.

You should not have to run, retreat, give in or give up one damn inch to protect your life or that of your family. The criminals should fear what would happen to them if they try to commit a violent crime against someone. They should fear getting shot because that woman with the armful of groceries may have a pistol in her purse.

Criminals should not be the only ones in fear, we need to make our elected officials afraid to get tossed on their butts, you know the ones protected by armed guards at their places of business, if they continue to vote down or veto Stand Your Ground laws. President Obama said after the Trayvon Martin shooting that the Stand Your Ground laws should be studied.

What he should have said is that everyone should have the right to defend themselves in America and he should not comment until all the facts are in. He should have said he was going to keep his nose out of it and let the chips fall where they may in the investigation but he didn’t. Mister President, with all due respect you know as much about law enforcement as I do about nuclear physics. I won’t write letters to the folks at Three Mile Island telling them how to do their job.  You stay out of the way of a police investigation when the facts are still in flux.

So when you hear some pundit, reporter, or elected official whether it is a city councilman or the President of the United States comment on how the Stand Your Ground law led to the death of Trayvon Martin, we need to make sure we voice our opinion, even if you don’t own a gun. Everyone has the right to defend themselves and we should not have to run and hide before we can do that.

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