More Anti-Gun Bills Passed and Considered in California

On Tuesday, the California State Assembly Committee on Public Safety was scheduled to hear two bills that could negatively affect gun owners in the state of California.

The first bill, Assembly Bill 1527, was heard and eventually passed by the committee with a four to two vote. A.B. 1527 expands California’s open carry laws to include unloaded rifle and shotguns as well as unloaded handguns. Despite this loss, the NRA Institute of Legislative Action (ILA) was pleased to report that Assembly Bill 2182, which would require a person to be arrested and banned from entering an airport if they inadvertently tried to bring a firearm through a TSA checkpoint, was pulled from the committee agenda.

The ILA is encouraging concerned citizens to contact the members of the state Assembly Committee on Appropriations and urge them to oppose A.B. 1527 and to inform committee members that California does not need any more anti-gun laws.

For updates stay tuned to Contact information for the Committee on Appropriations can be found at the California State Assembly’s website. For all breaking gun news stay tuned to’s news feeds.

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