Gun Group Collecting Money for Zimmerman Legal Defense (VIDEO)

A group of Tampa gun enthusiasts is collecting money to help pay for George Zimmerman’s legal defense, should he have his day in court. 

Quick Update

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know that Zimmerman shot and killed unarmed, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last month in what he claimed was “self-defense.”

Thus far, Zimmerman has not been arrested or charged with any crime.  However, authorities at the state and federal level are investigating the matter.  

On April 10, state prosecutors will present evidence to the Seminole County Grand Jury, which will then decide whether Zimmerman should be indicted (for more on the legal proceedings, click here).  

Meanwhile, Zimmerman has been slammed in the media.  He’s been characterized as a “racist,” a “marauding vigilante,” a “cold-blooded killer who hunted down Trayvon like a dog.” 

Whether these attacks on Zimmerman are warranted remains to be seen as new details about the case unfold on a daily basis.  Many of these details and accounts of what happened that night are contradictory, some seem to further incriminate Zimmerman, while others seem to help exonerate him. 

One things for sure, no one has all the facts yet. 

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Zimmerman interview:

What is Legal Boom?  And Why is it Getting Involved in the Zimmerman Case? is a website dedicated to explaining Florida’s self-defense laws.  The website was started a year ago by 23-year-old Christopher Kossmann and three of his friends. 

george-zimmermanKosssmann, who spoke to the Orlando Sentinel, described the site as a “hobbyist website,” and said that none of the members involved are lawyers.

However, they’ve done their own analysis (entitled, “The blind leading the blind, a look into the Martin/Zimmerman case”) of the Zimmerman case and have concluded that the police acted in accordance with the law when they opted not to arrest Zimmerman.

“With the evidence both physical and witness testimony it was proven that Zimmerman acted in self defense and so the Police had no probable cause to make the arrest,” they stated (I say “they” because there was no author cited, just ‘Legal Boom LLC’). 

They concluded their analysis by stating, “There is nothing Rational about jumping to conclusions with sensational headlines, asking for justice via breaking a well founded law and asking for a punishment that is not warranted.”

Now, they are asking for donations to help with Zimmerman’s defense.

“ is officially accepting donations to help Zimmerman through what is undoubtedly the hardest time in his life and for his legal defense,” the website states. “If you feel this article has changed your views or you already had this inclination please show your support!”

(For more details on how to donate, click here). 

Gun rights advocates start Zimmerman defense fund:

Thoughts and Analysis

It’s a free country; people have the right to an opinion.  However, I would stress to the guys over at Legal Boom that an opinion is all they have. 

Moreover, I would point out that they do not have all the facts.  Therefore, it might be unwise to back Zimmerman given that this case is shrouded in so much uncertainty. 

In my opinion, if one is to raise money to defend someone or something, it should be the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, not Zimmerman. 

After all, it’s the principle we stand for, not the person.  Without a doubt, I’m for the lawful use of self-defense, but I can’t, with a clear conscience, say that Zimmerman acted lawfully when he took Trayvon’s life.  Can you?

I suggest, as gun owners, we let the legal system handle George Zimmerman. 

And as for giving him money, I feel that carrying a concealed firearm is a very solemn decision, one that comes with great responsibility.  Whether he’s guilty or innocent, Zimmerman made his decisions and he alone should have to pay for them.

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