Catches Ammo Art Show near Cook County Courthouse in Chicago

Sculptures made out of spent casings is nothing new at, but we have to admit that the audacity and good taste to parade them around in our own backyard of Chicago (or shall we say Mr. Emmanuel’s backyard) gets us out of our chairs.

A confidant snagged these photos of self-proclaimed ammo artist Oakley Archibald Adams bombarding window-shoppers with his firearms inspired art on State street in downtown Chicago, just two blocks away from the Cook County Courthouse.

Incorporating casings, bullets and other ammunition components, Adam’s creations use colors to challenge people’s associations as to what constitutes a weapon which also ironically play off of brightly painted toy guns. Each piece is also associated with a narrative, further enriching its message. Among the items our man on street saw were stars, a cathedral, Roman legionnaires helmets and an American flag, which all factor into to this story. According to Adam’s website this installation:

“Utilizes bullets as an art medium with military army sculptures interacting in a theatrical battle and paintings encompassing every inch of the space around the dueling figures. The armies will be arranged in different colors to illustrate a paradoxical battlefield between peace and violence.”

Pretty heady stuff. And just goes to prove, if you want to really understand the will of the people, you’d do well to keep your ear to the streets.

An example of what we saw a Chicago street vendor selling.

American flag made of spent casings and other ammo components we saw in downtown Chicago.

Helmet made by an ammo artist in downtown Chicago.

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