Gen 4 Glocks Now Available in Flat Dark Earth

Glock and Lipsey’s have announced a new addition to the Gen 4 Glock pistols.  These new Gen 4 Glock handguns are familiar models with new colors.  The Glock 17, 19, 21, 22 and 23 will now be available in two-tone with a standard Tenifer finish and a flat dark earth frame.

A Gen 4 Glock

The Glock 17 is the original model Glock pistol, so named because it was Glock’s 17th patent, although it does have a capacity of 17+1.  It is a full-size 9mm service pistol with a 4.5-inch barrel and an unloaded weight of just 22 ounces.  While the Glock 17 started it all, it is not the most popular model of Glock pistol to-date.

A Gen 4 Glock

That would be the Glock 19, the compact version of the Model 17, also in 9mm.  The Glock 19’s barrel is shortened to 4 inches and the capacity to 15+1.  It’s unloaded weight is 21 ounces and is favored by agencies and shooters alike for its handling and size.

A Gen 4 Glock

The Glock 21 is the first model of Glock chambered in .45 ACP.  It, like the 17, is a full-size pistol with a 4.6-inch barrel and high-capacity 13+1 magazine.  The Glock 21 is a variant of the Glock 20, which was an early 10mm pistol made to shoot the new cartridge designed to modernize the FBI’s arsenal.  Because it fires a more energetic round it’s considerably heavier than the other Glocks and weighs 26 ounces.

A Gen 4 Glock

Chambered in .40 S&W, the Model 22 is another full-size service pistol with a capacity of 15+1.  10mm didn’t see a whole lot of success after its unveiling and .40 S&W took its place as a new and more powerful alternative to 9mm and .38 Special, yet not as difficult to shoot as 10mm.  It has a 4.5-inch barrel and an unloaded weight of 23 ounces.

A Gen 4 Glock

Last but not least, the Glock 23 is the compact variant of the 22, with a 4-inch barrel and a capacity of 13+1 and an unloaded weight of 21 ounces.

These are all Gen 4 models, meaning they have a modified, more aggressive grip texture, interchangeable backstraps, and enlarged dual-captive spring recoil assemblies for reduced felt recoil and longer service life.  The magazine release button has been enlarged and is reversible for left-handed operators.

Glock has worked out all the kinks of it’s Gen 4 models, and people have been clamoring for them to finally start making them in all the tactical colors of the rainbow.  With these models available in the most tactical shade of brown, flat dark earth, will you be heading to the gun store to pick one up, or will you be waiting for them to come out in tactical green?

A Gen 3 Glock

Lipsey’s has not announced the prices for these guns but we don’t expect them to be different than standard Glocks, although some retailers may sell them at a premium.  Glock and Lipsey’s have also whipped up a batch of a few Gen 3 Glocks in flat dark earth for those who do not believe that the Gen 4 changes are necessary.  The flat dark earth Gen 3 Glock models are 17, 19, 22 and 23.

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