Glock to Donate $115,000 to NRA at 2012 Convention

Glock will donate a total of $115,000 and 30 pistols to four separate organizations within the NRA at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibit in St. Louis April 13.

Certainly $115,000 is just pocket change to the massive company, which has contracts with 65 percent of world’s policing agencies, but non-profits like the NRA appreciate it and it’s great publicity for both groups as well.

Of the $115,000, the NRA will be getting $50,000 to help the organization continue to promote and defend 2nd Amendment rights, and promote firearm ownership. This will be the third consecutive year the NRA will be receiving funds from Glock.

Another $50,000 will be given to the NRA Whittington Center, which is a very large shooting facility equipped with 15 shooting ranges, classrooms and a dining hall. But it also hosts a slew of other outdoor recreational activities such as biking, horseback riding and camping. This is the fourth year Glock will give funds to the NRA Whittington Center.

Next up, Glock will give $15,000 to the NRA Whittington Center’s Adventure Camp, which is designed to teach young men and women the fundamentals of pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting. This will be Glock’s tenth year donating to the Adventure Camp.

Lastly, the NRA Law Enforcement Division will receive 30 Glock pistols (total cost would be $15,000, rough estimate). More specifically, the 30 pistols will be used in the NRA’s annual shooting competition in Albuquerque, NM, where law officers from around the globe test their shooting skills. This is the fifth donation Glock will give to the Division.

And if you didn’t know, will be covering the annual NRA Meeting & Exhibits in St. Louis from April 13 to 15. So keep your eyes open for that.

For updates stay tuned to For more information on the event in St. Louis check out the NRAAM website. And for more information on Glock, check out Glock’s website.  For all breaking gun news stay tuned to’s news feeds.

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