Illinois Residents Can Now Buy Ammo through the Mail In-State

The people of Illinois can now legally buy ammo through the mail from in state federal firearm-licensed retailers.

The bill (SB 681) that allows this was sponsored by state Sen. Dave Luechtefeld (R-Okawville) with support from the Illinois State Rifle Association and the NRA. Since it was passed by the state senate March 28, it has since advanced to the House of Representatives where it is currently under review.

Before this bill was passed gun-owners, who, for whatever reason, prefer to buy ammo through the mail, had to order it from any other state except Illinois. However, they always had the option of going into a gun store and buy it.

Looking at the bigger picture though this shows that a common sense law was supported and passed, more ammo sales will be made in state and the sale itself will benefit Illinois’s economy, and folks who live in remote areas will have a shorter wait from the time of sale to receiving his or her purchase (if they buy from an in-state seller, of course).

However, the bill does not preempt any portion of the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act, so, to be more specific, this law will only allow residents who are current FOID card holders to buy ammo through the mail from Illinois dealers.

Illinois is the only state that requires its residents to have a state issued FOID card to buy and own a gun or ammo. The bill does not specify anything about bulk purchases or quantity.

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