Sniper Elite V2 Tactical Shooter game asks, Will You Kill Hitler?

According to recently released trailer, a new pre-order bonus for 505 Game’s popular Sniper Elite V2 will finally give some legs to that classic moral dilemma, “If given the chance to travel back in time, would you kill Hitler?” remembers getting asked this question back in Sunday school a couple times and we always seemed to get the answer wrong.

Sniper Elite has been a popular WWII inspired tactical shooter for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 since 2005 and the second installment, V2, has been anxiously awaited by a gun gaming public both in the US and UK.

This new bonus content will literally launch the narrative of the game and only be provided to gamers who pre-order before the May 1, North American release date.  It will also grant players access to two new rifles, the SVT-40 and the Kar 98.

The story goes something like this: when the game opens, you are sent back in time with the mission to eliminate Die Furher with extreme prejudice.  First, you have to intercept his train and second, you’ve got to put one in his computer before he can duck out of the Berlin train station.

For modern video games, that’s pretty standard.  Where the game gets interesting is that a) it’s very hard to score a kill shot on the Nazi head of state and b) every time you miss Hitler the game proceeds along a familiar WWII history and c) if you do succeed in preventing the Holocaust, the game proceeds along a narrative in which “you’ve never been born”.

It’s like Quantum Leap and Inglourious Basterds had a baby and then asked you to raise it.  Try wrapping your head around that one. used to play this game, but when we played it, it was called Wolfenstein 3D.  No, that joke’s getting old.  Fact is, as grows up we’re feeling a little out of touch with the video games of today. Any fans out there video game players? If so, and you’d like to review shooting games for us, send your resume to

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