Buy a Winchester or Browning in April Tax Free

If you buy a new Winchester or Browning firearm this month the company will reimburse you up to 8 percent, ideally what would be the sales tax, of your purchase. Although both companies are promoting it slightly differently, they’re run by the same people, so the rules and process for the deal are the same for both companies.

The differences between the two are simply the title of the promotion and brand. Winchester calls it “Winchester Repeating Arms Spring Tax Cut Offer” and Browning refers to it as “Browning Tax Relief”. Notice how they both have the same poetic flow.

The reimbursement pertains to new guns only that are bought between April 1- 30.

The process is relatively simple. You can obtain the redemption form from either the retailer or online (if you’re reading this it’s probably easier to obtain it online), fill out the form from front to back—information includes name, contact and sales information—and then mail off the form before May 15.

This deal is for any new Winchester rifle or shotgun, and any new Browning except for Buckmark and 1911-22 pistols.

The average MSRP for a new Winchester or Browning hunting rifle, for example, is around $1000, so 8 percent will knock off $80. If you live in a state that doesn’t have sales tax then send in the form anyway because it will be considered.

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