CZ's New for 2012 Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifles (VIDEO)

Announced recently at SHOT Show, CZ has updated their CZ 455 series of rimfire rifle with two new models, the Varmint Precision Trainer and the American Combo.  These rival some of the most expensive bolt-action rimfire rifles in terms of features and quality but come with CZs excellent price tags.

The CZ 455 Varmint Precision is a high-precision .22 Long Rifle trainer.  It comes with a Manners MCS-T4 tactical-style stock.

The MCS-T4 stock is a very modern nylon and carbon fiber-filled epoxy resin polymer stock with an integrated Pachmyer Decelerator buttpad.  The rear of the buttstock is level and runs parallel to the bore for extremely level shooting from bags.  It also has three sling swivels for a sling and a bipod.

CZ 455 bolt-action .22 long rifle rifle

The Varmint Precision also has a factory adjustable trigger.  The other features include a 5-round detachable flush-fitting magazine, a 20-inch cold hammer-forged barrel with a 1:16 twist, a weight of 8.1 pounds and a blue finish on the barrel and receiver.  The billet-machined receiver has an integrated 11mm dovetail for optics as the rifle does not have iron sights.

The Manners stock alone has a price tag of over $560, so to hear that the Varmint Precision has an MSRP of just $900 is really surprising.  Real-world prices should be even less than that.

CZ 455 bolt-action .22 and .17 long rifle rifle

The other new CZ rimfire is the American Combo.  Like the Varmint Precision it also has a billet-machined receiver and not one, but two 20-inch cold hammer-forged barrels.  The CZ 455 is designed to have user-interchangeable barrels and the American Combo comes with one barrel for each of CZ’s most popular calibers, .22 Long Rifle and .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire.  One for practice and plinking, and the other for hunting and competition shooting.

The American is a lighter-weight rimfire with it’s standard-profile barrels and walnut stock.  It weighs just 6.1 pounds.  Like all the 455s it has a standard 5+1 capacity and has a deep blue finish.  It too has a dovetail for optics and no iron sights.

The American Combo is a real steal, too, with an MSRP of just $541.  CZs rimfires are some of the best out there as all-around rifles.  They are accurate and reliable, and very low-priced for the amount of gun you get.

Photo credit Real Guns.

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