April Fool's Joke Gone Awry, 5.11 Tactical Now Selling Kilts (VIDEO)

As an April Fool’s Day joke six employees at 5.11 Tactical, the popular clothing and gear company, put together a Youtube video advertisement for a Tactical Duty Kilt.

They figured viewers watching a grown man perform Parkour over handrails and ledges while wearing the flailing sheet of khaki would be ridiculous enough that viewers would laugh it off. Ended up, they severely misread their audience because they actually sent in requests and queries on how to order. Although no one was fired over the incident, 5.11 will now be making kilts.5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt, or TDK.

Currently 5.11 only has the one in stock, but they will be taking pre-orders for the TDK soon, Tom Davin, CEO, said in a press release via email. They don’t plan on making the tactical kilt an in-line product either, so the TDK will be offered for a limited time and only online.

It has similar features to the 5.11 tactical pants such as a bunch of pockets, large belt loops, and durable Teflon treated fabric just to name a few. It will be available in black, khaki and OD green, and in sizes 30 to 40. Price starts at $59.99.

Davin did not say how many will be made, but more than likely that will depend on how many are ordered. And there’s no word yet on when they will be released because they need to be manufactured first. However, if you’re interested in the TDK you can sign up on 5.11’s emailing list.

For updates stay tuned to Guns.com. For more information on the TDK, or to order it, check out 5.11’s website. For all breaking gun news stay tuned to Guns.com’s news feeds.

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