It's All Fun And Games Until: Pulling Teeth with Nerf Guns (VIDEO)

You can use Nerf guns to pull teeth.  Seriously, it’s easy.  Using Nerf guns to take care of loose teeth might be just the way to deal with any anxiety surrounding your kid’s primary toothy affairs.  It’s actually quite simple.

  • Tie a slip knot at both ends of a long length (four feet or so) of dental floss
  • Cinch one knot around a Nerf dart’s suction cup
  • Cinch the other knot around that floppy baby tooth
  • Load the dart into the Nerf gun, floss payload in tow
  • Arm the Nerf gun
  • Let Nerf nature take its course

There are many videos to help you visualize this process without having to actually extract any teeth.  Like this one.

Or this one.

Now if you’re going to do this with your kid you’re gonna need the proper equipment.  Obviously you’re going to need a Nerf gun.  But if you haven’t looked at Nerf guns in a while they’ve come a long way.  They come with red dot sights now.  Yeah.

First of all, there are new disk-based Nerf guns.  These are great.  They’re more accurate and have a better range than dart-based Nerf guns and have ginormous capacities.  But they’re no good for tooth extraction.  Their operating principles are too different from any gun that makes a good tooth puller.  If all you have is a Vortex Blaster just tie the dart end of the floss around the grip and toss the whole thing out the window.

What Nerf guns look like today

Any magazine-fed Nerf gun is out, including dart-firing models.  That means muzzle-loading Nerf guns, which are falling out of fashion.  If you don’t already own a dental work-ready Nerf gun, you need to check out another new line of Nerf guns, the Nerf Tag Blasters.

Nerf tag uses hook and loop fasteners instead of suction cups.  You wear a jersey that they stick to and run around with your kids and shoot each other.  Positive hits stick.  Given the dart design, the guns are mostly muzzle-loaders.  These are what you wanna use for loose teeth nowadays.  And also for Nerf Tag.

When’s the last time you picked up a Nerf gun?

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