The Civilian Marksmanship Program Now Offering M1 Garands in .30-06 and .308

Right now the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is offering refurbished Springfield Armory M1 Garands chambered in both .30-06 Springfield and .308 Winchester.  And because the CMP is a government-chartered program, they’re going for extremely reasonable rates.

A refurbished M1 Garand

CMP rifles are all surplussed US government issue (USGI) rifles that have been cleaned up and repaired if necessary, and test-fired to make sure they’re in good working condition.  Each rifle comes with a hard case, a manual and one en-bloc clip.

The eagle eyes over at the Armory Blog found that the CMP has started offering new CMP Special grade M1 Garands in the original .30-06 as well as .308.

The M1 does MY talkingThese new Special Grade models offered by the CMP are completely refurbished rifles built on original M1 Garand Springfield receivers with new Criterion barrels, new American walnut stocks and handguards and new web slings.

The receivers and most of the other parts are refinished USGI, with a few parts possibly newly-manufactured as necessary.  A .308 spacer block is installed in the magazines of the rifles converted to shoot .308 to prevent loading of .30-06 cartridges, which would be a bad thing.

Although .30-06 is an extremely powerful and versatile battle rifle cartridge, it’s expensive and not nearly as common as .308.  And all other things being equal, it’s a slightly less energetic round with less perceived recoil.  There are good reasons to want an M1 Garand in .308.

CMP Special grade Garands run $995 in either caliber, and cost $25 to ship.  That’s an extremely agreeable price to pay for something that is both rebuilt as well as a piece of history; a rifle that has served this country.

But if you’re interested in something else, the CMP has a wide selection of M1 Garands, from inexpensive rack-grade rifles (starting at $595) to the rare sniper variants of the M1 Garand ($1,600-3,000).

Not everyone wants a titanium tacticool monster to take to the range.  Some people want a rifle with a little more class.  These Garands are for you.

civilian marksmanship program logo

Photo credit S. Dobbins.

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