NEMO Arms' $95,904 Titanium .308 Winchester AR-10 (VIDEO)

NEMO Arms has manufactured a titanium AR-10 chambered in .308 Winchester.  It’s a promotional rifle, an attention-grabber, and it runs almost $100,000.  The [Ti]ONE showcases NEMO Arms’ production capabilities with a near-complete titanium build, one of the most difficult metals to work with.

In U.S. dollars, $95,904 gets you the [Ti]ONE serial number one.  If you’re interested in getting a titanium battle rifle of your own but are on a budget, NEMO Arms will sell you one of the other [Ti]ONE rifles for $49,789.  Those receivers must be hell on the tools.  

NEMO Arms [Ti]ONE AR-10 rifle

[Ti]ONEs have titanium upper and lower receivers, titanium buffer tubes, titanium bolt carrier groups, titanium handguards, titanium charging handles, and titanium muzzle breaks.  The parts that interact with ammo, the bolt, the firing pin and the barrel are steel.  Steel, even stainless steel, is slightly more flexible than titanium and more suited to the stresses of the cycle of operation.

They are premium AR-10s besides the building materials.  They come with Troy Micro tritium-powered back-up night sights, a six-power Trijicon ACOG tritium/fiber-optic sight for .308 Winchester rifles, a Choate buttstock, a Hogue grip, ambidextrous safeties and magazine catches, KNS anti-rotation pins, and a single-stage four-pound Timney trigger.  

NEMO Arms [Ti]ONE AR-10 rifle

All said and done, [Ti]ONEs are 39 inches long with the stock extended, just under 36 collapsed and have an HBAR-profiled 16-inch carbine barrel.  They weigh just over 8.5 pounds dry.  NEMO says these guns are impractical, but to own one of these and not shoot it would be a crying shame.

Of course they make many other rifles that cost a good deal less than $50,000.  Prices start at about $1,700 for their very-few-frills AR-15 rifle.  It has a good amount of Magpul furniture but no sights or anything like that, although you can order them installed as an option.  Another basic NEMO rifle would be their standard .308 battle rifle, same deal as the AR-15, running about $2,800 to start.

NEMO Arms also has one rifle, “The Omen” chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum, for those of you who want serious firepower from a semi-automatic rifle.  All of NEMO’s rifles are available in standard and in match-grade models.

NEMO Arms or New Evolution Military Ordnance Arms is a new startup based in Kalispell, Montana, and is a partner with Sonju Manufacturing, a Montana-based aeronautical and small arms contractor.

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