Police Use Non-lethal Beanbag Gun to subdue Reckless Driver (VIDEO)

Guns.com saw this video the other day of a belligerent drunk driver getting shot with a less-than-lethal beanbag gun and we thought it was the type of thing that would interest our Guns.com fans. The story itself is pretty unremarkable—drunk acts like a drunk and the police show up to try to break him or her of the habit. Really, it’s a show we can catch live almost any Friday or Saturday night downtown, but what does interest Guns.com is the apparently limited affect these supposedly incapacitating beanbags had on the combatant once he’s been fortified with a little Dutch courage. From where we’re standing, it didn’t do much.

A CBS Los Angeles traffic copter camera captured the scene two days ago of officers chasing a suspect driving (recklessly) on the 110 Freeway. After leading officers on 100 mile per hour tour of downtown LA, the driver was stopped when it collided head on with a silver Jaguar traveling north. Upon exiting the car, the driver attempts to explain the whole misunderstanding refuses orders and taunts officers who are taking up positions around him.


The video we have here picks up at the Mexican stand-off, right before police get tired of chatting with John Barleycorn and decide to show him how the real world works with a direct hit to the chest from one of those highly-touted bean bag guns. The bag does knock the assailant to the ground, but within seconds he is back on his feet, yelling at the police again. They taze him and still, he’s able to stand. Even when the boys in blue finally swoop in and start dogpiling on him, it takes four officers almost four minutes to take the suspect into custody.

We’re definitely not implying officers should have pulled their real guns in this situation (we think that the bean-bag gun is a great idea for situations like these, when the infraction is dangerous and not violent and the police out number the criminals 20 to 1), but in terms of an anecdotal report on the effectiveness of bean bag guns as a tool in a civilian arsenal, it’s food for thought. Would you trust your life to this non-lethal weapon?

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