The 2012 NRA Show Kicks Off, will be there

The annual NRA Meeting and Exhibit officially kicks off today in St. Louis. The show attracts NRA members, of course, gun lovers, gun appreciators and political junkies and around 70,000 are expected to attend throughout the weekend.

All the major manufacturers will have booths open up showing off their new products of the year. Although Smith & Wesson officially released their new 9mm subcompact pistol, the S&W Shield, yesterday, the ceremony for it will be held at the NRAAM. Also, Taurus and Rossi are expected to put on display a full new line up of guns.

Auctions will be held around the clock, the NRA said participants will have 1 out of 100 chances of winning, which ain’t too bad.

Fundraising events such as lunches, dinners and plain old fashioned ceremonies with big checks are scheduled throughout the days. Sums as large as $115,000 will be given by Glock, and Ruger, which has surpassed its fundraising goal for the year, will donate something around $1.2 million.

Lastly, the NRA will house classes and speakers throughout the days as well. The classes include How to Start a Grassroots campaign, which will show NRA members to rally up support for pro-gun politicians. And speakers will be a mix of celebrities, politicians and political pundits. Some of the big names will be Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, comedian Larry the Cable Guy, Fox News commentator and former Reagan staffer Lt. Col. Oliver North, and former Fox News TV show host and publisher of The Blaze Glenn Beck, just to name a few.

The NRAAM runs from today to Sunday April 15 at the America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

And will be there covering it, so check back with us throughout the day for updates.

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