Glock, Ruger, Midway make big donations to NRA

It was a day of big donations at the annual NRA Meeting and Exhibit. So far, in the most spectacular fashion, huge donations have been by Glock, Ruger and Midway USA.

Glock started yesterday morning off by donating $115,000 and 30 pistols to four different groups within the NRA.

At last year’s NRAAM, Ruger launched the “Ruger: I took the challenge” contest where the company sought to raise $1 million before this year’s show. During the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum yesterday afternoon Ruger’s president Mike Fifer and his daughter presented a check for $1,254,000.

Lastly, Midway USA, which has been the key sponsor of the NRAAM for three years in a row, also made a donation during the America Leadership Forum. The company’s founder and CEO Larry Potterfield led by example when he asked a lively audience to support the groups that have their interests at heart with their actions and their wallets before presenting the NRA with a check for $6,929,025.

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