Mount Your Carry Gun Underneath Your Steering Wheel (VIDEO)

Gum Creek Custom out of Georgia is highlighting the Universal Vehicle Holster Mount, a device that makes it possible to mount a gun right under the steering wheel of a car, at the 2012 NRA Meeting and Exhibit.

Say, for example, you don’t want to wear your carry gun on your hip while sit inside your car. Well, if that’s the case stick it under the steering wheel. The car holster is made of nylon and not brand specific. It works just like any other holster, except it hangs within arms reach right under the steering wheel.

The mount itself is made of nylon and is a relatively simple device. It’s basically just a nylon strap with hooks at both ends. It works with any holster that has a belt loop. The strap slides through the loop and then wraps around the holster securing it to the strap, and lastly the hooks can slide into the gap just below the steering column.

Also, if the gap below the steering column is too narrow or nonexistent, there’s a second attachment available. It’s another nylon strap with a little metal slot. And again, it’s simple enough. It wraps around the steering column and then the hook snags onto the slot.

The Universal Vehicle Holster Mount is available at the NRA store and sold on Gum Creek’s website. It retails for $34.95.

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