When Pie is Loaded: Pizza Roulette (VIDEO)

What does pizza have in common with a revolver?  Sometimes one slice in six is loaded.  Pizza roulette can be played at home with no special tools but where’s the fun in that?  We’ve discovered two revolver-themed pie-centric games where yeah, one person definitely loses.  For fun’s sake, anyway, we’re all friends here.

The first method is plate roulette.  Who pays?  Who cleans up?  Who drinks?  These are things that can be determined by the right type of platter.

Made by Veinticuatrodientes the Plate Roulette is intended to bring a six-slice pie to the table.  This porcelain plate conceals a revolver’s cylinder with one loaded chamber.  Works with all pies 12-13 inches in diameter.

You can pick one up online for 30€. Plate Roulette is made in Foreign.

The other way to play pizza roulette, of course, is to have a slice more literally loaded.  New Zealand restaurant chain Hell Pizza will prepare a pie for you with very special ingredient: bhut jolokia, aka the Ghost Pepper.

One slice conceals a small patch of the world’s spiciest substance ever.  And it’s baked into the pie, so there’s no way to know who will get the mouthful to end all mouthfuls.

While less gun related than Plate Roulette, eating bhut jolokia may make you believe you’d rather get shot.  The hot sauce has roughly 200 times the concentration of capsaicin than Tabasco sauce, and the pepper itself is being studied for its potential to be weaponized.

Seeing is believing:

You don’t have to live in New Zealand to play this game, either, just an oven.  There are plenty of ways to get bhut jolokia sent right to your door.  Never look at a slice of pie the same way again.

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