Remington's Upcoming Threaded Enhanced R1 1911

Remington has been working on a new model of Remington Enhanced R1 1911 pistol called the Threaded Enhanced R1.

The new R1 Enhanced is more geared towards the tactical user than the existing R1 Enhanced, a design intended for competition shooting.

remington 1911 pistol

The Remington R1 was one of many 1911s announced for 2011, the pistol’s centennial anniversary.  It was a no-frills low-cost high-quality 1911 with just a few modern updates, many of which are to improve the gun’s reliability over an all-original design.  The R1 maintained the looks that John Browning set while still benefiting from a century of lessons learned.

1911 r1 handgun

Shortly thereafter Remington announced their Enhanced R1 handgun for competition shooters.  The Enhanced R1 was a good deal different from the standard GI stylings of the standard R1.  The new Enhanced model featured wide angled front and rear slide serrations, Novak-style adjustable rear sights and fiber-optic front sights, checkered wood panels and front and rear 20-LPI-checkered straps including a textured memory button grip safety.

1911 remington handgun

The new Remington Enhanced R1 appears to have many of the same features and satin black oxide finish as the competition model such as the adjustable competition trigger and skeletonized hammer, but the sights and the grips are different.  The tactical Threaded Enhanced R1 has tall black on black suppressor sights and as the name suggests, a longer threaded barrel.  The grips look to be checkered polymer.

The barrel used is the same quality match-grade stainless steel as the Enhanced R1, just ready for a suppressor.  You can see a sneak peek of the Threaded Enhanced R1 over at Tactical Life.

The Enhanced R1 has been a popular pistol with a large fanbase, no doubt due to its relatively low price.  Despite the features of the Enhanced R1 and the overall great build quality of the Remington R1 series, even the Enhanced R1 sells for under $800 online.  We would be surprised if the new Threaded Enhanced R1 costs a significant amount more, if any.

We expect the Threaded Enhanced R1 to have similar to identical specifications as the competition R1:

  • Chambering: .45 ACP
  • Capacity: 8+1
  • Length: ~9 inches
  • Barrel: ~5.5-inch threaded
  • Height: ~5.75 inches
  • Weight: ~40 ounces

Naturally .45 ACP has properties that make it a great shooter when suppressed.  Is the Threaded Enhanced R1 just what you were waiting for to put a can onto?

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