The 300 BLK Handi-Rifle: Possibly the Most Inexpensive 300 AAC Blackout

The Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC) has been showing off one of their latest and cheapest with a design they’ve been working on with their partner company Harrington & Richardson (H&R).  H&R has developed a single-shot break-action Handi-Rifle chambered in AAC’s increasingly popular 300 AAC Blackout (7.62x35mm or 300 BLK).

The Handi Rifle in 300 BLK follows the same pattern set forth by many other recent H&R single-shot guns.  It’s compact with a 16-inch barrel with a tight 1:7 twist.  A heavy barrel and stout receiver bring the weight of the one-shot rifle up to just a hair below 7 pounds.  The furniture is black polymer and comes with a medium-thickness rubber buttpad.

300 aac blackout

Some things are not common to most Handi Rifles, namely the sights.  The 300 BLK model doesn’t have any, it has a single barrel-mounted Picatinny rail for optics, glass or red dot sights welcome.

Naturally, this being an AAC-influenced design, the barrel is threadded 5/8-24 for muzzle attachments like the many AAC compensators, flash hiders and brakes, not to mention 300 BLK-specific suppressors.  You can look at this rifle (page 78) and all of AACs accessories in their catalog here (PDF).

handi-rifle open

The MSRP on this Handi Rifle is in the same arena as most H&R Handi Rifles, $360.  Hopefully that means you will be able to buy them for under $300s on the open market, however, as interesting as this little piece is we won’t be surprised if prices stay high for a little while after launch.

H&R and AAC set a target date for launch on these guys for last month which has clearly gone by.  But several online vendors have already listed this new model for sale, out of stock, which is often a sign that they are shipping and nearly ready for sale.  Patience.  It will be rewarded.

A prototype. The production model does not have iron sights.

At well under $400 a Handi-Rifle in 300 BLK has got to be the least expensive complete firearm to get you into shooting this interesting cartridge.  Admittedly if you plan on suppressing it that will take a tax stamp, time and even more money, but to be able to shoot like in that video seems worth it.

Photo credit Ten Pound Monkey.

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