Vatican's "Cardinal Rambo" Confesses Love of Guns

A senior Vatican official is defending his love of guns, which earned him the nickname “Cardinal Rambo” from Italian newspapers. The gun-toting holy man’s Christian name is Domenico Calcagno who currently serves as the head of the Administration of Vatican Patrimony.

Calcagno boasts a collection of thirteen guns (and they aren’t wimpy guns, either). His arsenal includes a few man-stoppers too, such as a .357 Magnum and a Turkish Hatsan Escort shotgun (though we’re guessing it’s probably not their tactical model).

Even writing to a crowd of dyed in the wool gunnies, we’re still assuming that the question on everybody’s mind is, What, exactly, is this 68-year-old man doing with so many guns when the Catholic Church preaches nonviolence and turning the other cheek?

Well, according to Father Firepower, he’s just repairing them. Calcagno told an Italian newspaper that his appreciation for guns is “innocent” and that what he loves more than anything else is fixing up weapons. He added, “This passion for weapons is long-standing. I used to go to shooting ranges. Unfortunately, since I’ve been at the Vatican I had to stop.” That’s something we think all gun owners can identify with on some level.

Calcagno also told papers he isn’t packing when he has an audience with the Pope—he keeps his weapons safely locked away in his Savona home in northern Italy.

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