Pregnant Olympian Shooting for Two at the 2012 Olympic Games

Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi, a shooter from Malaysia, and her unborn child will be participating in the 2012 Olympic Games.  And she’s not going to be just a little bit pregnant, either. By the time that Suryani gets to London, she’ll be in her 33rd week of pregnancy (here’s what she’ll look like at 33 weeks for all you clueless male readers out there).

But don’t worry – she won’t be competing in the biathlon or other strenuous competitions – her only event will be the 10 meter. Suryani lamented that she would be unable to compete in the Three positions event, but it’s kind of hard to lay prone with such a huge baby bulge.

At a time when most women are enjoying relaxation and being pampered, Suryani is looking forward to the Games. She told Reuters, “When I’m pregnant I don’t have problems, I enjoy it. My aim is to compete.”

Some of her fans back in Malaysia worry that the stress of Olympic Games might be dangerous for her and her child, but Suryani remains optimistic. Her doctors report that it’s safe to train up to eighth or even ninth month (who knew?) and Suryani has the unwavering support of her husband.

Despite her seeming handicap, this decorated shooter has a great shot at bringing home a medal. She won two gold medals in the Southeast Asian Games, a gold in New Delhi’s Commonwealth Games, as well as a few other awards.

Normally, we at have to be a bit patriotic and root for our home country during the Olympics, but we may just find ourselves cheering for this spunky Malaysian underdog.

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