Smith & Wesson Shield Accessories Already Popping Up

If you were holding back on picking up a Smith & Wesson Shield because it’s a shiny new product launch and new products lack aftermarket support, then you might want to reconsider not taking the plunge.  Accessory manufacturers are already bringing sights and holsters to market for this little pistol.

Smith & Wesson very carefully launched the S&W Shield.  Knowing demand would be high they waited until they had enough product to actually stock on the shelves.

They knew that people would want to know as much about them as possible and coordinated their launch with the firearms media, included flying us out to Springfield to cover this launch in person.

And by the time the Shield was made public they had already sent out the specification of their single-stack polymer handgun to a handful of accessory manufacturers, including holster makers Blackhawk, DeSantis Gunhide, Fobus, Galco, Pistol Wear and Uncle Mikes and sight companies Crimson Trace, HiViz, Laserlyte, and LaserMax.

HiViz and Galco are among the first to market with Shield-specific fiber optic sights and series of gunleather, an impressive feat not two weeks after the Shield’s launch.

“When the HiViz SW2007 is combined with the dual LitePipe rear sight, you’ve got an amazing light-gathering sight system that creates a three-dot sight picture for optimum accuracy.”

sight for smith and wesson shield

“Galco is pleased to offer its popular Stinger and Yaqui Slide belt holsters, the extremely concealable Stow-n-Go IWB and UnderWraps belly band, along with magazine carriers and a broad line of off-body carry methods. By working closely with S&W, Galco was able to design and test its Shield holsters in order to have them available to order in concert with the release of the pistol.”

holster for smith and wesson shield

Whether or not you were looking for HiViz fiber-optic sights and Galco holsers the speed at which they made it to marked is a stellar indicator of how much aftermarket support this neat little gun is getting.  Also, even though it may take a little more time for night sight companies to make their products available, we have to say that we like these overmolded plastic fiber-optic sights for carry guns as they’re quite durable.

The M&P Shield is a super-lightweight deep-concealment pistol chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W.  It has a 3.1-inch barrel, is less than an inch thick, and weighs just 19 ounces unloaded.  The Shield has a standard 7+1 capacity in 9mm and 6+1 in .40 and comes with one standard-capacity magazine and one extended +1 magazine.  The M&P Shield is available now, everywhere, with a price of around $400 or less.

Photo credit stmcelroy.

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