Shooting Golf Balls Out of an AR-15 - for Charity

A North Carolina radio show put on a fundraising event that allowed fans to use a modified AR-15 to shoot golf balls at a complete stranger. All of the proceeds from the event went to the United Service Organizations of North Carolina and the Purple Heart Homes.

Don’t worry too much. Not only was the AR-15 completely safe (albeit painful), they dressed up their live target in ludicrous-looking body armor to make sure he came out of the event with all of his teeth.

Their AR-15 utilized a special attachment that uses blanks to shoot golf balls up to 250 yards. For a mere $25, you can also transform your lethal AR-15 into a delightful toy that’s bound to give you and your buddies more than a few bruises.

We at commend everyone who donated money to participate in the event. We are certain that they were motivated by charity, and not by the desire to peg a guy in body armor with a AR-15-powered golf ball.

This bit of news is neat and all, but what’s really important is that we may have discovered the world’s best sport. Who else is up for 18 holds of AR-15 golf?

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