NRA Offers Life of Duty Membership to the Public

The National Rifle Association is now offering its Life of Duty premium membership to the public. As before, military personnel, law enforcement officers, and first responders can still sign up for free, but the general public can jump on board for $25.

This will earn you much more than the right to say “I’m a card-carrying NRA member.” You’ll get digital subscription to four NRA journals, as well as a subscription to American Warrior. Don’t worry — go ahead and read ’em. won’t get jealous.

On top of that, you’ll get all of the regular NRA benefits and gear discounts. For those of you who are saving up for your next gun, you can sign up for sponsored membership at no cost to you. Alternatively, particularly gracious NRA fans can give the gift of membership by signing up for the sponsorship program.

Don’t forget — Mother’s Day is on the horizon. Splurge and give your mom the gift that keeps on giving by signing her up for a premium NRA membership. Who knows? It might just teach her the tricks she needs to one day win a shootout with a pair of armed robbers.

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