Hawaii Sees Record High Gun Permits

Hawaii’s Department for the Attorney General has released a report revealing that the state issued a record-high number of firearm permits in 2011.

We can understand the motivation behind this trend. The only thing better than sunbathing, perfect weather, and beautiful people in swimsuits is sipping a pina colada after a trip to a shooting range.

Throughout 2011 Hawaii processed a total of 15,375 personal/private firearm permit applications, a staggering 20.1% leap from last year’s 12,801 applications. A full 95% of those applications passed, while the remaining applicants will have to without guns for a bit longer.

That brings the number of permits in Hawaii up to 14,460, with a total state-wide gun count of 36,804. Hawaii’s population is estimated at about 1.37 million, so that’s about one pu (Hawaiian for “gun”) for every 37 Hawaiians. That’s not too bad — at least they’re beating Wisconsin.

It really looks as though Hawaii qualifies as a gun-loving state (look at it this way: it’s even more southern than Texas). Over the past twelve years, the number of annual permits has soared 136%, and the number of registered firearms jumped 170%. As you might expect, Hawaii’s also seen a dramatic increase in the amount of imported guns, up 148%.

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