Gun-Concealing Fashion. Hot. Chic. Fierce.

Concealed carry is getting fashionably popular with a new line of stylin’ chinos that are perfect for hiding your handgun. At first glance this type of announcement might seem a bit absurd (“Paris Fashion Week” and “NRA” aren’t two terms you usually hear in the same sentence), but it’s actually surprising that this never caught on sooner.

More and more people are getting their concealed carry permits, and most articles of clothing just aren’t designed to conceal a handgun. Unless you’re the type of guy who spends all of his time in a two piece suit, you’re probably going to be sporting a gun bulge.

This new line of clothing will let gun owners look fashionable and modern, all while keeping their pistol safely hidden. The chinos sport an extra compartment behind the standard front pockets that will comfortably hold your gun. If you’re more of a holster type, the stretchy waistband will let you tuck your gun into your pants. 

We know, you’re just itching to know: how do they look? To be honest, they really aren’t half bad. You probably won’t see these jackets on 80 lb. models walking down the runway, but they’re certainly subtler than SWAT vests or camo. 

The manufacturers over at Woolrich really put a lot of thought into these pieces. Each article of clothing is specially designed to wick away body moisture to keep your gun as dry as possible. A couple of items, like the shirts, have a nearly seamless Velcro opening that will allow you to quickly rip open your shirt to get your gun, a movement that is sure to look incredibly awesome. 

Of course, you don’t have to carry a gun if you don’t want to. The pockets are also suitable for flashlights, knives, or whatever else. Just be careful about how close you get to people, or you’re bound to get an endless barrage of “Is that a gun in your pocket” comments.  

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