Justice Scalia Shares Gun Love with Justice Kagan on Hunting Trip

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has found himself a new enthusiastic hunting partner in fellow Justice Elena Kagan. We know what you’re thinking: “Wait a second, isn’t Kagan that new judge Obama appointed?” Yep, that’s the one. We’re just as surprised (and delighted) as you are. 

We have to give some kudos to Scalia, but it looks as though we have Sen. James Risch of Idaho to ultimately thank for this fortunate turn of events. Back in 2010 when Obama nominated Kagan for the Supreme Court position, Risch asked Kagan about her views on gun rights. She admitted that she’d never fired a gun before, but made a promise to go hunting with Scalia if she were confirmed.

Kagan kept her promise and went on a hunting trip with her philosophical opposite. The pair took a quick trip to a Virginia shooting range, followed by a hunting trip in the Washington area. When asked about the experience, Kagan replied, “It turns out, it’s really good fun.” The pair are planning on hunting again in Montana this October.

We can’t be certain if Justice Scalia was motivated by political reasons or simply by a desire to find a new hunting pal, but we’re not complaining. Another Supreme Court justice discovering her newfound love of guns is music to our ears. It’s all a bit ironic considering that Kagan came off as a unsympathetic to gun rights a few years ago. As it turns out, all it took to get her to change her mind about guns was to actually pick one up.

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