Top Shot's Michelle Viscusi Shows Off Her Guns

Top Shot’s Michelle Viscusi went from showing off her marksmanship to showing off her body for Maxim. You may remember her from the first three episodes of the History Channel’s Top Shot competition, but after this article you’ll probably remember her for her guns. Alright, alright! We’ll try to keep the innuendo to a minimum, but we can’t make any promises.

The 21-year-old has been shooting since she was 19 and was working as an Arizona military police officer before applying to Top Shot. She admits, “My [application] video for Top Shot was incredibly lame, I figured I would never even hear back.” It wasn’t until she sent in an email with her photo attached that she got a call back. Evidently, the folks over at Top Shot were eager to have a female contestant in such a male-dominated field. 

Despite the fact that she was eliminated on the third episode (a sad day for fans of the show everywhere), there’s no questioning her love of guns. The busty vixen owns five guns, including a Glock 35 (her favorite), an AK-47, XDM 5.25, AR-15, and a 1911. She might just be the perfect girl.

Her Maxim shoot was predictably over-the-top, complete with Desert Eagles, an AR-15, and a couple of grenades for good measure. Of course, readers might actually be the only people on Earth to check out her hardware before checking out her curves.

But listen to us, rambling on as if any of you are actually reading it. We’re aware that most of you are just here for the video, so we’ll let you get on with it:  

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