Secret Service To Swap SIG DA/SAs for DAKs

The US Secret Service is switching their weapon of choice from the SIG P229 with a DA/SA trigger to a Double Action Kellerman model. Evidently, while the Secret Service was busy getting busy in Columbia, they discovered just how much they loved double-action nights.

What they use now is the SIG SAUER P229 chambered in .357 SIG. It’s a gun that is known for its dependability and is favored by the Secret Service because it’s great at penetrating barriers (and you know how much the Secret Service cares about penetration). Each of their SIGs has a DA/SA trigger, which means that the first shot is a DA motion. The chamber cycles to cock the hammer and make every subsequent shot a SA shot.

sig p229

The theory behind the switch is that every shot with the new DAKs will require a consistent 6.5 lb trigger pull, so Secret Service agents don’t need to think about how much finger pressure they need to apply for any particularly shot, and they can spend more brain power thinking about other things to finger.

We have also heard rumors that SIG is working on a custom DA/SA/T&A model for the Secret Service. And if you were wondering how many prostitution scandal jokes we managed to fit into a short quick news piece, the answer’s five.

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