Trucker Hauling $100K of Bullet Makes Wrong Turn, Ends Up in Jail

Bogan Jabin Akeem, a 27-year-old trucker, mistakenly took a wrong turn during a routine cargo haul and accidentally ended up toting $100,000 of ammo across the US border. Oops.

Akeem made the wrong turn just before the long Arizona stretch, bringing him onto an international bridge that spans the Rio Grande towards Ciudad Juarez. Unable to do a U-turn on the bridge, Akeem was forced to go through inspection. When Mexican authorities looked into the back of his truck, they thought they’d made the bust of the century.

The initial assumption was that Akeem was hauling the bullets south to supply drug cartels, but a representative of United Nations Ammo, the owner of the nine pallets of ammunition, pointed out that the assumption was wildly inaccurate, “We ordered this ammunition, and it’s ammunition meant to be sold in the United States of America for legal hobbyists.”

Akeem is currently being held over on the Mexican side of the border where he is likely to be hit with some pretty serious charges. If convicted, he could face anywhere between four and 25 years in the Mexican slammer due to Mexico’s harsh anti-gun laws.

We realize that this is a pretty sticky situation. You can’t carry that kind of ammunition over an international border and then just say “My bad,” expecting to get off scott-free. But we just can’t get over one little detail: if Akeem really was trying to do something illegal, then why didn’t he drop off any of that ammo while he was still in Mexico? After all, there were 268,000 rounds of ammo when he crossed into Mexico, and 268,000 rounds when he tried to come back over. By all accounts, it genuinely looks like an honest (but explosively stupid) mistake.

After all, the US forgave Mexico when they made the exact same mistake.

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