New Bill Might Bring Hunting to Airports

A New Yorksenator is pushing for legislation that might bring goose hunting to New York airports.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat, is sick of geese bringing down flights, endangering fliers, and forcing emergency landings. Two planes have been forced to make unexpected landings in the past week, and we all remember the incident with US Airways Flight 1549. To put it bluntly, geese are a menace to our airspace. 

Gillibrand is looking to remedy the situation with a new bill that would allow the US Department of Agriculture to take a much more direct approach to clearing our skies of Canadian Geese. Possible options that are being considered include destroying their eggs, scaring them away with starter pistols, or simply shooting them out of the skies.

The first option is only effective at getting rid of geese that nest in New York, while trying to scare them away could easily fail. That leaves the last and most reliable option: hunting. If this bill gets passed, odds are high that hunters walking the tarmac with shotguns will be a common sight at many New York airports. 

Naturally, that doesn’t mean that New York will be opening up its airports to all hunters. The privilege of government-sponsored hunting will probably go to the Department of Agriculture (lucky stiffs). 

Those lucky hunters aren’t the only ones who will benefit from this bill. The best thing about it is that it will bring hunting and guns into the public spotlight. A lot of Americans view hunting as little more than a leisure activity. Once Americans realize that hunting geese could literally save the lives of air travelers, they might be singing a different tune. 

Predictably, animal rights activists are opposing the bill, arguing that we should research avian perception in order to build planes that can be easily spotted by birds. Until we come up with a solution, however, mid-air collisions between aircraft and birds are an inevitability. 

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