There's No Place Like Missile Silo Condominiums

Contractors are transforming old, abandoned missile silos in the middle of a Kansas prairie into luxury doomsday-proof luxury condos. 

The missile silo is relic from the Cold War era, but developer Larry Hall, who personally owns one of the condos, has found new use for this outdated space. He is transforming seven of the 14 underground floors into luxurious living spaces at $2 million a pop. If that’s a bit out of your price range, you might be able to afford just half a floor at $1 million. 

These condos will have all of the amenities you need to survive a nuclear war, Mayan apocalypse, zombie outbreak, or pretty much any other global catastrophe you can think of. The condos will be safely buried 174 feet beneath the surface of the earth, and nine-foot-thick concrete walls will help the silo withstand a direct nuclear explosions (but we have no idea why anybody would want to nuke Kansas). Hall is currently working on an underground farm and water filtration system that should be sufficient to supply 70 people with enough to stay nice and cozy long after the apocalypse. 

Hall is sparing no expense equipping the silo with the best in safety technology. The elevators leading down into the condominiums will only respond to certain fingerprints, and the surface compound above the silo will be outfitted with barbed wire and surveillance systems. Some defense mechanisms will even use lethal force to keep intruders at bay. 

Inside, it’s a whole different story. The rooms will have everything a modern family needs to feel right at home. You’ll be able to shop in the silo’s general store, and each of the floors has its very own digital window system. Just set it to wherever you’d like — San Francisco, outer space, or under the ocean — and the windows will give a fairly convincing picture of the “outside” world. All-in-all, this place is like a survivalist’s wet dream.  

Interested? You can buy one of the floors here. Better act fast! A few of the condos have already been purchased. 

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