Drone + Submachine Gun = Carnage (VIDEO)

A YouTube video of a quadrotor equipped with a submachine gun and an eye-in-the-sky camera has gone viral.

Now, before you start searching the Internet trying to find out how to get one of these yourself, we have to point out that some sources have revealed this high-tech toy as a fake. We’re sorry to burst your bubble — we’re just as disappointed as you are. Still, that doesn’t make the basic message behind FPSRussia’s video any less important (or cool). 

The USAF is already using remote-controlled drones that are fully equipped with lethal firepower. This exact type of technology has been used extensively in the Middle East, and you can bet your bottom dollar that drone tech will be a focal point of Department of Defense spending for years to come. So, we know that strapping a high-powered machinegun to a drone is possible, but what about the quadrotor?

Once again, we have the technology! Engineers are developing drones that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. If you had a handgun, a trigger device, and a bunch of duct tape, you could probably make something pretty similar to what’s in the video (be honest: if you could, you know you would). Of course, that would be a long way off from being as effective as a real military drone. The real trick on a drone of this size is being able to properly aim on such an unstable platform, and then counteract the rather severe recoil. 

This video may be an entertaining fake, but his promise, “this is truly a weapon of the future — in the next 10, maybe 15 years shit is going to get very real” isn’t far off from the mark at all. 

And you want to know what the best news about all of this is? The US is trying to push through a bill that will let private owners and corporations fly their very own drones through US airspace. Assuming you’ve got the cash to drop, you could become the proud owner of a real Charlene.

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