Get an A+ at University of Tennessee's Handgun Course

The University of Tennessee has fully integrated campus carry by offering a gun safety training course. Students will be required to pass this test with a score of 70% in all categories before they are eligible to apply for a handgun carry permit.

The one-day course will cover all of the basics, from safety and maintenance to a written exam on handgun usage. The course also includes a test that most of us would be eager to take: a live fire test at a firing range.

It’s really a shame that more universities don’t approach the issue of campus carry in a more direct and reasonable fashion. Rather than dismissing guns outright, wouldn’t it be so much more effective to promote gun safety internally, so that the university could be certain that every student carrying a handgun would be fully trained in gun safety?  A repeat of the Virginia Tech shooting doesn’t seem very likely if students are packing heat on the way to class.

We certainly appreciate that UT is willing to offer gun safety courses, but we still have mixed feelings about the university. This new initiative seems to be in stark contrast to the university’s earlier policy, which automatically dismissed any student athlete in possession of a gun.

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