One Hundred Years Later, CA Man Still Accurate

John Carter, a 100-year-old California resident, is still shattering clay pigeons at his local shooting range with relative ease. He and his friends celebrated his big 100th birthday with a 100-gun salute. 

Remarkably, after all this years, Carter is still a “pretty good shot.” Carter somehow doesn’t seem to be plagued with many of the ailments that are associated with old age — shaky hands, bad vision, or weakness. He fires his shotgun as easily as would many of younger counterparts. In fact, when he hits the clay pigeon, he doesn’t look remotely surprised.

If you’re wondering what Carter’s secret is to a full lifetime of happy shooting, then you’re out of luck. He owes his long lifespan to genetics (his mother and their brother lived into their 90s), and his secret to shooting doesn’t seem like much of a secret at all. “Shoot at what you’re going to shoot at, and really shoot at it,” he said. 

Perhaps we should take Carter’s life as more of an inspiration rather than a how-to guide for long years. It genuinely looks as though Carter did the things that he loves with the people he loves. He and his wife of 68 years (now deceased) lived a full life outdoors, skiing, hunting, and fishing. His advice was “To do what you want to do and be with the people you like.” You can’t argue with that. 

It’s easy to get bogged down by all the politics surrounding gun control and finding yourself demoralized by the unending struggle to secure our right to bear arms. Let John Carter serve as a reminder that there really are happy endings.

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