Minnesota Gov Allows Prosecutors to Pack Heat

The Governor of Minnesota signed a bill into law that will allow prosecutors to carry a handgun while in the courtroom. This bill would leave prosecutors, police, and sheriff officers as the only people permitted to carry weapons into most Minnesota courthouses. 

This bill was prompted by a shooting just last December. Tim Scannell, a Minnesota court attorney, was shot by a man he had convicted of criminal sexual conduct; three others were also injured.

After this terrible event and the realization, “You know what? Maybe court prosecutors aren’t the bad guys here,” the Minnesota House and Senate created a law that would allow these often-targeted public servants to defend themselves in the courtroom. The bill would also make it easier for them to keep weapons in their office or cars. 

US courts tend to have a negative opinion of guns. No, we’re not trying to make political commentary, we mean that in the very literal sense. Even if you’re one of the most committed guns rights activists, you can see why courts wouldn’t be fond of the idea of defendants (or their angry relatives and friends) carrying weapons into the courthouse. It’s really no surprise that most courthouses ban guns.

Still, this incident should serve to remind all state governments that banning guns because of one bad apple just hurts all of the other law-abiding citizens out there. Hopefully, this new bill will allow Minnesota prosecutors and other court officials to protect themselves against vengeful convicted criminals.

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